Boneset knocks out colds and flu clear out of the park– harvest now and be prepared

Even though today is one of those perfect summer days, 70s with a couple of clouds decorating the sky and a slight breeze, I’m already preparing for flu and cold season. Right now, is the perfect time to harvest Boneset … Continue reading

Know Your Roots found a new home!

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and so it is appropriate that early this past spring we found our new home. Finding a home for our multigenerational family and business was no easy task. It took almost two years. … Continue reading

A walk around the pond

The other day was one of those beautiful summer days ~ 70s, gentle breeze, with a couple of clouds decorating the sky. So, I decided to take a walk around the pond to see what I could find. Of course, … Continue reading

Preparing for flu and cold season

On a bright shiny August afternoon I decided to prepare for cold and flu season. Kinda weird to think about sickness on such a fabulous day but the plants were calling me. Boneset and Echinacea were blooming and dancing in … Continue reading

Traveling Herbal Kit

I love traveling; there is no doubt about it. Traveling healthy is always best but things happen, so being prepared can make a world of difference in your trip. Over the years, I have assembled an herbal travel kit from … Continue reading