Never leave home without your mother

Motherwort growing around our home

Motherwort growing around our house

As I have mentioned before, some herbalists believe that when you are in need, the right healing herb will present itself. I don’t know how I feel about this belief but I will tell that when we moved to our current home there were several plants growing abundantly around the property that I did not know much about then but have since become close allies to our family. Today I would like to introduce you to Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca). There is an old saying, “Never leave home without your Mother.” Well, that has definitely become the mantra in our home.

Motherwort is an amazing heart tonic. Its botanical name Leonurus translates as “lion-hearted.” It nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle and its blood vessels. It helps with circulation and increases oxygen in the blood. I have found it excellent for slowing heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat and lowering blood pressure as well as easing stressed nerves and relieving anxiety.

Last year, Mike and I decided to get life insurance. As part of the application process, there was a medical assessment and exam. I typically have low average blood pressure 90/57, Mike’s at the time was on the high end of average and he was in the habit of checking his blood pressure regularly. The morning of the examine we both checked our blood pressure and mine was very high, 140/90, certainly a first for me. Mike suggested Motherwort, as he had become a fan of its hypertension and stress relieving qualities. I took some Motherwort and during the examination, my blood pressure was taken three times, each time it was 100/60, it was back to normal. I was very impressed with the speed and how well it worked. I knew it was good, but wow!

As I am approaching 50, my body is changing from childbearing to maturity. Some people use the term “crone” years but that does not sit well with me. As my body and hormone levels change, I have been experiencing quite of few “issues” from sleepless nights, hot flashes, faintness, to anxiety, heart palpitation, and uncontrollable rage. Thank goodness for Motherwort as it has been a champion in relieving these symptoms. Although I have a few other symptoms that Motherwort does not address, it sure does provide quite a bit of relief for these changing and turbulent times. Motherwort helps bring on delayed or suppressed menstrual flow, so if you experience flooding during your menses, it is a good idea to stop during flowing times and simply resume afterwards. It is also best to avoid Motherwort during early pregnancy, even though it is known to strengthen the uterus, it can stimulate contractions.

Motherwort tea has a rather bitter taste so most people prefer to take it by tincture. Its bitterness does aid in digestion and regularity. We are very fortunate to live on a land where we are surrounded by Motherwort. Every year, I tincture it, so we never have to be without our mother.

If you are having a difficult time, look to your mother for comfort and support. She will feed your nerves, relax you and help you deal with life’s trial and tribulations.

Don’t leave home without your mother, I never do.Motherwort tincture

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