Never fear, Goldenrod is here!

It is no secret that Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) has changed Mike’s and my lives. I cannot over emphasize its amazing ability to eliminate allergy symptoms. Last year, I thought I was making ample supply for our family and enough to share with our friends. Silly me, it was not nearly enough to share, as I ran out in March. I actually went through all the tincture I made from last fall’s harvest, made more from the herbs I dried but still I ran out. Luckily, I know this amazing herbal farm, Healing Spirits, and was able to order enough dried Goldenrod to get us through until I was able to harvest again this year. Late August through most of September is the best time to harvest Goldenrod in Western New York.

Perhaps if I just kept it to ourselves there would have been enough, but I just have to share with all my fellow allergy sufferers. I cannot keep this fantastic remedy to myself. There is nothing better than helping others who are in need. Goldenrod is amazing; it is astringent, so it tightens up the tissues. The anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe irritations caused by the allergens and its anti-catarrah properties helps the body remove excess mucus. Goldenrod also restores the cellular integrity of all mucus membranes. I want every one who is a victim of allergies to know about it. There is no need to live in a fog from synthetic allergy medicines or to continue to suffer any more. Never fear, Goldenrod is here!

This year, I think I have made an ample supply. Obviously, a quart was not nearly enough. Therefore, this year I have made two and half gallons along with drying some. I guess we will see if it is enough.goldenrod supply

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