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As the weather gets colder, my skin gets drier. I can’t simply wash dishes barehanded anymore and must use rubber gloves to protect them. I need to apply moisturizer several times a day or cracks start to develop around my nails and fingertips. Healing moisturizing cream becomes necessary to maintain healthy skin. Over the years, I have developed a lovely cream ~ Soothe Thy Skin ~ which moisturizes, nourishes and heals my dry and cracked hands. It is so gentle that I also use it on my face and anywhere else I may need some healing and moisture.

Making cream tends to be a bit more challenging than making other herbal remedies like salves or tinctures. The recipe needs to be made precisely, remember you are mixing water and oil together, which normally does not mix well. The basic recipe I use was developed by Dina Falconi, which I have put my little my little spin on.

Basically, you need a liquid carrier oil, solid oil, beeswax and water. For the carrier oil, I infuse Calendula and Comfrey into first cold pressed organic olive oil. For the solid oil, I use organic coconut oil. Lastly, for the water, I use distilled water because it reduces the risk of bacteria developing and the cream going bad. And after all the hard work that goes into the cream, you want it to last a long time. Some people put essential oils into their creams, sometimes I do too. But most of the time I like the cream as it is without a an added scent.

For soothing and repairing the skin, Calendula (Calendula offficnalis) and Comfrey (Symphytum officnale), are winners. Calendula is a powerful wound healer and promotes cell repair while its antiseptic properties keep infections from occurring. It helps heal wounds faster by increasing oxygen flow to the damaged area, which in turn helps the body grow new tissue. It also stimulates collagen production to help heal the body’s tissues and is high in flavonoids (plant-based anti-oxidants) that protect cells from being damaged by free radicals. Comfrey fosters the growth of new cells and is anti-inflammatory as well as mucilaginous, which soothes inflamed tissues.

Equipment Needed:

  • (2) Pyrex measuring cups
  • Saucepan
  • Food processor with dough attachment
  • Small jars with covers (preferably glass)
  • Rubber spatula
  • Chopstick
  • Candy thermometer

The Basic Face and Hand Cream Recipe:

Basic ingredients

Basic ingredients

6 oz liquid oil (ie: olive, jojoba, almond, grapeseed, apricot…)

3 oz solid oil (ie: coconut, shea butter, lanolin…)

1 oz beeswax

9 oz water (ie: distilled, spring, tap…)

Soothe Thy Skin Recipe

(will make 19 ounces of luscious cream)

Remember: it is very important to be precise with this recipe. From start to cleanup, you will need 3 uninterrupted hours.

  1. In one of the measuring cups, pour in 4oz. of Calendula infused olive oil and 2oz. of Comfrey infused olive oil. You will now have 6oz of liquid oil.
Liquid oil = 6oz.

Liquid oil = 6oz.

  1. Then add 3oz of coconut oil and finally 1oz of beeswax. Your ingredients will total 10oz.
Liquid and Solid oil = 9oz.

Liquid and Solid oil = 9oz.

  1. Put measuring cup full of oil/wax mixture in a saucepan with about 2 inches of water, like a double boiler.
Melting Liquid oil, Solid oil and Beeswax = 10oz.

Melting Liquid oil, Solid oil and Beeswax = 10oz.

4. Stir oil/wax mixture as it is melting.

  1. Once it has melted remove from heat and let cool to about 100° F

  2. In other measuring cup, heat distilled water until it reaches 100° F and remove from heat.

It is very important that both the oil and water are about 100° F in order for them to mix well.

  1. Pour all the water into the food processor using the dough attachment.

  2. Turn on food processor and slowly pour oil in. Keep mixing until the cream begins to emulsify. Occasionally, scrap sides and mix some more until you have fully emulsified cream.

Luscious Cream!

Luscious Cream!

  1. Pour into clean/dry glass jars.jarred

  2. Let sit undisturbed overnight.

  3. Enjoy silky moisturized skin!

Cleanup hint: Vinegar is great at cutting through the greasy film on the food processor.

All information is shared for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.


6 thoughts on “Soothe Thy Skin

  1. This sounds awesome, I really must try it. One question, since you don’t have any preservaties how long do is the shelf lift of the cream, if it’s kept dark and cool?

    • Hi Yvette,
      It’s important that everything used in the process is completely clean, some people wipe all utensils with alcohol before using. I simply wash in hot soapy water and dry completely.
      I have cream that is a year old with no sign of mold or bacteria. I believe distilled water makes a big difference. I do not store them in a dark or cool place.
      Some people use essential oils about (40 drops) to help preserve it. Sometimes I like to add them, but not often.

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